Frequently Asked Questions

We love to answer your concerns.
Well because we are good. Well that doesn’t satisfy you... Does it ?..well then read on
We love to create.
We love space and form and how they can forge relationship with people.
We have been doing this for quite some time now.
Yes, we are technology and tool driven.
We love to see the content satisfied expressions on our client’s faces
With us, you will get
  • Value for Money
  • Quality
  • a houseproud “YOU”
After choosing your preferences/likes online & providing some information about your space, you will get 2 things:
  • Based on your preference & style, our intelligent algorithm at the backend matches right kind of designers for you. At this time, you may invite designers to your project.
  • You will also start receiving style boards, also called Moodboards.
A Moodboard is a preliminary style board that depicts the overall theme/mood of the décor of your home. Think of it as our first impression of your space, based on your Design Brief. A Moodboard is not a final design, rather an ideaboard or a styledeck. Check out an example board below:
Check more moodboards on our pinterest page ( )
Designers will look at your Design Brief, your personal style from the preference images you would have chosen and your space. a good time - Just about any time, more so when your walls , ceilings and flooring are ready to be layered and occupied by you , your ,aesthetics & aspirations , or when your space needs a change of scene ,change of functional context or a facelift .
Yes , we can , we always do , in the scenarios that we feel that the budget constraint may impact the quality then we open up to advise you, but then we are flexible and creative enough to cater to your budget size , bring it on..!!
We have the sweet tooth for all genres of projects. Be it residential or commercial – if the terms “space” “interiors” “design” “execution” “form” form the key words - we jump right in with delight !!
We visit your space – that tangible connection is required.
Yes , that would make our conversations much more focused – Identify your needs , aspirations , design styles , set a budget , execution timeframe and be ready to communicate them to us .Show us reference images/ videos/sketches if you wish to reflect your aspirations . We can both replicate and better them!! Communication is the key here- say it all us. we are all ears ..
And we do not mind a cup of tea!!
Our super excited designers, start looping into creative orbits, drawing out concepts and translating them into them into humanly comprehendible designs. The execution team picks it up and relates it to cost.
The proposal team gathers it all, after multiple reiterations have taken place and shares with you – for your inputs!!
Mostly, our clients are happy with the fist cut of our design…but then our designers would happily go for the third iteration too.
Congrats!! That’s a huge milestone. Next step would be you receiving the Bill of quantity, basically the quotation for execution of the project.
Awesome !! That’s another huge milestone. Next step would be you receiving project timelines as a detailed chart for your approval.
Yesss!! That’s yet another huge milestone. Now we all are in sync as to what is desired as an end result, the time period to achieve it and the cost involved!!
The quotation would clearly dictate all payment terms, but generally we work on stage wise staggered payments module, starting off with 40-50% advances.
We would have shared feasible detailed project timelines with you, and we Would stick to that , and possibly surprise you with delivering before due date!!
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