Moodboarding for this 3bhk house — A space designed with Art and Science
While you’re considering refurbishing and renovation of your personal space, you would surely have to look into a number of factors before you even begin. Suppose if earlier you were keeping old pieces of furniture or any other soft furnishing that would determine other related factors like paint colors and fabric choices you would easily look into professional advice and most probably consider moodboards much before beginning the work. You can easily consider a blank moodboard and select anyone of the beginner moodboard options for your house interiors that you’ll find online.

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December, 27 2016

Moodboarding for this 3bhk house — A space designed with Art and Science

While you’re considering refurbishing and renovation of your personal space, you would surely have to look into a number of factors before…

Using moodboards would be a perfect way to convey ideas about design, get early sign off and win pitches. Moodboards are many times used by professional designers with a huge collection of texts and images that are related to design themes as points of reference. With the stunning moodboard images you’ll get from professional designers you can get a fine idea of how well your space would look before you even think of renovation.


Pulling you out of all the confusion and doubts regarding the interior works of professional designers, these moodboards for this 3BHK flat speak a lot about the uniqueness and elegance that the place would bestow to its visitors. While looking at the entrance of the house or the living room we’ve got everything organized in the most proficient manner with the right colors matched according to specific backgrounds. Everything about the moodboard like designer furniture, smooth cushions, colorful marbles and added elements are planned to be arranged in the right manner to get the desired look that would define a luxurious living room in the best possible way.


Coming up to the kid’s bedroom, designer moodboards dedicate a lot more than the just luxury! We’ve made some fine art additions to the luxurious space that forms a whole new distinctive kids bedroom space. Everything like designer beds, cute pillow covers and mattress, spacious bookshelves, wooden desks and beautiful looking pieces of furniture would quickly transform the space to a kid’s ready bedroom. Further, there is so much space for beautification to the room and all you need to do is specify your requirements.


When talking about moodboards it is in best favor to present the closest thing that is about to happen for redecoration. Professional designers are also well versed with the proper science and all the designing concepts of a kitchen. While thinking about kitchen space there are a whole lot of things that can be done for bringing utmost liveliness and magnificence out of the place. A well-designed modular kitchen is definitely incomplete without professional wooden shelves, exhaust system and the most beautiful hardware selection you’ve ever seen. Professional interior designers have got their hands on everything to transform your little kitchen space with a completely posh and elegant look.


Moving on to the best thing about the house, which is the master bedroom, we’ve coupled the best elements that would make it look simply outstanding out of the rest. Creating rich spaces in an innovative manner is the specialization of most designers. While looking on the moodboard you’d surely be glad that all the finest elements like beautiful lamps, little shelves, crisp paints and various other important things are a part of your upcoming refurbishing project.

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