Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season
The festive season is around the corner and many of us are wondering what could be the perfect gift for families and friends to give! Gifting of accessories for home décor is a great idea as it will help them decorate their houses and add a festive spirit to the houses. Well, almost everybody likes to decorate and renovate their houses during the festivals, so why not give them that perfect house accessory. Below are several awesome gift ideas to be given during this festive season.

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December, 27 2016

Gifting Ideas for the Festive Season

The festive season is around the corner and many of us are wondering what could be the perfect gift for families and friends to give…
  1. Hanging Glass Tea-light Holders

As we all know Diwali is the festival of lights, what better way of gifting than a beautiful set of LED or crystal tea lights that can be hung beautifully inside homes. Not only will this boost the festive spirit but will make for a pretty accessory in the house. You can also order one of these online. You have a large variety of these accessories in a range of colors to choose from.

2. Floating candles / Diyas

During the festival of Diwali, you can witness an infinite number of diyas and candles floating in the water bowls, which also makes a splendid sight. Why not gift a beautiful set of floating candles which are available in several beautiful designs, shapes and colors. Well, you can also DIY the floating candles. Sure it will add a personal touch to your gift.

3. Antique Brass Bowls

Bowls or ‘Kundas’ made of brass with an antique finish can sure make one useful accessory. It will make for an amazing gift as it is largely used during puja in Diwali. One can fill it up with pot pourri and keep it during the puja sessions for a vibrant atmosphere.

4. Lanterns or Incense Burners

Lanterns or incense burners are something that is used during Diwali to spread the fragrance and ward off evils inside houses. It can make a perfect gift during the festive season, as it will come in handy for burning during the festival. The incense burners are available in a myriad of designs, patterns and colors.

5. Vase

A large vase which is used, primarily for decoration in homes is a great gifting idea too! During Diwali, we all like to add decorative pieces here and there and replace the old ones with new. So why not gift your family or acquaintances a large, beautiful flower vase that will sure make a lovely accessory.

Diwali is that time of the year where celebrations begin with full swing in almost every Indian home. Not to miss, it is also the time where friends, relatives and family get together for a fun filled gala time. People love to exchange sweets and gifts to each other as it is the time of celebration, joy, happiness and love. We have exclusively collected few gifting ideas for the home and décor above. You can draw inspiration from one or all and come up with a unique gift for your loved ones.

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