9 most important things to take care of to make your home Kids friendly
For many parents, trendy pieces and hot decor ideas might sound nice, but they feel unrealistic or impossible to add to their homes. Most homes are not designed with kids in mind, but maybe more should be. These 9 design ideas are a great way to turn your home into a kid-friendly space that you will love too!

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December, 27 2016

9 most important things to take care of to make your home Kids friendly

For many parents, trendy pieces and hot decor ideas might sound nice, but they feel unrealistic or impossible to add to their homes. Most…
  1. Use repellent fabric:

Children are messy. Period, the end. No matter how careful you may be, it is just inevitable that your cute little toddler is gonna rub his grubby little fingers all over your velvet sofa, or choose to wipe his face with your linen curtains. There are plenty of fabrics that will help prevent you from wanting to rip your hair out after an accident like this happens

2. Set up a living room design play area:


Add easy-to-reach stylish storage to entertaining rooms like your living room or dining room. Even though you might want that room looking pretty and pristine most of the time, your kids can enjoy sitting and playing with games and toys, and easily store their things when it’s time for clean-up.

3. Add extra storage for toys:


These clever play table chairs let your children pull games and coloring supplies out from under their chairs, and easily stow them away when they’re finished. Because it comes with its own storage, this children’s table can fit in any room, even one without toy boxes or book shelves.

4. Create easy-to-use closet organization:


Built-in closets are usually great, but they’re not always made with kids in mind. Instead of bringing in a dresser to store folded clothes, turn the area underneath the hanging clothing into an easy access set of drawers, so that your children can gain confidence picking out their own clothes every morning.

5. Use double duty pieces (for even more storage)


Seating and storage — two things every room could use a little more of. For your child’s room or playroom.

6. Lower towel hooks or bring step stools into the bathroom:


Rid your home of damp towels left on the floor and general bathroom mess, by turning your a bathroom into a kid-conscious space. Simple adjustments, like a stepping stool by the toilet and low hanging towel hooks, are all it takes to make your child comfortable in the bathroom.

5.Go for forgiving rugs:


Spilled milk is nothing to cry about, unless it spills all over your living room rug, in which case you might want to eradicate all but clear liquids from your fridge. Keep your rugs and your babies happy by using easy to clean and forgiving rugs. Stay away from viscose and silks and opt for quilted hides

8. Add outdoor fun to encourage kids playing outside:


While you contemplate what to add to your backyard this spring, consider adding this kid-friendly feature all by yourself. A small backyard sandbox isn’t only a totally doable DIY, it’s a great upgrade for your outdoor area. Say hello to many happy summer days spend building castles and digging to China.

9. Go for safe accessories:


Accessories with children are tough. They love to grab (and break) any shiny or small object in sight. So rather than have your precious mementos strewn about, stick to safe accessories which include, books, pillows, and blankets. Move your fragile accessories from your coffee table to higher shelves, and keep your lower shelves filled with baskets, books, or empty until your children learn their manners and proper vintage etiquette skills like their parents.

Ultimately, the goal is for everyone to feel welcome in your home, including you! So pick and choose, and do only what you’re comfortable doing. Most parents don’t expect any of these things, but will feel major gratitude towards you for making the effort.

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