7 ways to design corner spaces in your home
Sometimes we cannot change the fact that we have a tiny home with a limited space. But expand your small space has never been a difficult thing. What you need is just the creative ideas. Here we introduced you some amazing ways how to masterly use the corner space of your home. For example, you can create a corner shelf to store your rare books or install a cozy reading nook under the stairs. Have a look at below list. More ideas to get smart, useful space by using the corners of your home. Enjoy!

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December, 27 2016

7 ways to design corner spaces in your home

Sometimes we cannot change the fact that we have a tiny home with a limited space. But expand your small space has never been a difficult…

1) Set up colourful lights:


A set of paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling at different heights, illuminating the figurine of a white plaster of Paris fairy or a wooden doll at night, will be a treat to the eyes.

2) A melange of artifacts and decorations:


A multi-coloured designer earthenware pot, a paper mache animal such as deer, a money plant with moss stick and a creative lamp can also be used to redefine the style statement of your corner. You can offset the hard angles of a corner with organic branches and leaves.

3) Go get a new shoe rack:


Most of us take off our shoes when entering our home, which means that the front door is frequently littered with dozens of pairs of shoes. Rather than being greeted with an unsightly heap of shoes every time you enter or leave your house, use a shoe rack so they can all be stored neatly. As well as looking much tidier, a shoe rack can also save you a lot of space and best of all, you won’t be tripping over everything when you walk through the door.

4) Set a book shelf:


Shelves are a great choice for just about any room or home, but it is ideal for small or tight living areas. This doesn’t mean that you are not going to have a variety of choices of style or material. This type of shelf is no different than any other on the market today. The only different is that it is the perfect solution for many rooms to fit nicely and offer the additional space needed to improve the design of the room as well as the clutter.

5) Look out for a Round Table:


It is the right time when you should think of replacing your old square dining table with one of the better round dinning tables. A round table can seat more bodies than a rectangular one. They also fit nicely into compact corners. These tables are great for kids or for the whole family in general due to their small size and ease of moving. Take up the least amount of space possible.

6) Create a Reading Spot:


Focal points are not always over the sofa or fireplace. Turn an unassuming corner into something unique by creating a spot for reading. Nothing is more cozy than wedging yourself into a small space that mentally hugs you as you curl up in a comfy chair and read.

7) Soft toys in kids bedroom:


Get your kids’ bedrooms organized with stuffed animal zoos in the corner. It’s a great way to corral them, especially if your child is outgrowing them, but still playing with them once in a while.

All of the above points mentioned are easy and inexpensive ways to rescue your wasted space and transform it into an attractive design statement.

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